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Monitoring treatment with biologic drugs

Promonitor. Proteomika PROMONITOR is a CE Mark ELISA test designed for monitoring patients on biological therapy.

PROMONITOR is a double test that permits:

  • Quantitative determination of drug plasma levels.
  • Quantitative determination of antibodies produced against biologic drug.

The analysis of these parameters provides a high predictive power on the development and clinical response of the patient.


  • Promonitor GLM (levels of Golimumab)
  • Promonitor IFX (levels of Infliximab)
  • Promonitor ADL (levels of Adalimumab)
  • Promonitor ETN (levels of Etanercept)
  • Promonitor RTX (levels of Rituximab)
  • Promonitor VDZ (levels of Vedolizumab)
  • Promonitor Anti - GLM (Anti-Golimumab antibodies)
  • Promonitor Anti - IFX (Anti-Infliximab antibodies)
  • Promonitor Anti - ADL (Anti-Adalimumab antibodies)
  • Promonitor Anti - ETN (Anti-Etanercept antibodies)
  • Promonitor Anti - RTX (Anti-Rituximab antibodies)
  • Promonitor Anti - VDZ (Anti-Vedolizumab antibodies)
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